In business it's the Human Resource that is the most valuable asset! 

     -  Synergy Playshop themes can focus on

>                 ...Effective Teamwork

>                 ...Stress Reduction & Flow
>                 ...Self Expression, Creativity & Connection 
>                 ...Improved Immune Function
>                 ...Camaraderie & Communication
>                 ...Self Confidence & Contribution 

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"Games are the most elevated form of investigation"    - Albert Einstein

Corporate  Synergy  Playshops  improve  morale,  communication,  creativity,  employee  and customer satisfaction.

Teambuilding is one of the most common and difficult tasks a leader will undertake.

Discover how rhythm can help synergize your team faster and with more fun.

Symptoms of an unhealthy workplace
     Poor productivity...
     Increased stress levels...
     High turnover...           
     Increased sick leave...
     Poor communication...
     Low morale...              

"You can learn more about a person in half an hour of play than in a full day of conversation." - Plato

"Facilitating Healthy Rhythms"

Group Synergy Playshop Ideas.
Icebreaker:15 to 30 minute  rhythm session designed to entertain, energize, introduce and relax meeting or conference participants.
Opening Activity: 15 to 30 minute jumpstart for meetings, conferences, retreats or any corporate events. Fun rhythmic interaction  reinforcing  any  group's  purpose.

Closing Activity:  15 to 30 minute celebration to integrate learnings, connection and focus of meetings, conferences or any special events.

Stress Reliever:  45 to 75 minute program encouraging creative self-expression and fun without pressure or performance anxiety.

Energizer: 15 to 30 minute session to invigorate and stimulate people, ideas and communication before breakout sessions, after meals, whenever energy is needed.
Community Building:  60 minute to full day rhythm sessions for individual departments to connect with others culminating with the entire business or company playing together. 

Employee Appreciation: 60 to 90 minute program designed to celebrate 'group' success and 'team' accomplishments.

Synergizer:  90 minute to a full day rhythm-based motivational program that inspires and empowers people to recognize and impact the rhythm of business and life, focused on your specific teamwork challenges and/or goals.

Corporate Synergy

How to improve your (triple) bottom line!

At  RhythmWellness we recognize and honour the unique structure and quality of each corporate and small

business team we 'play' with and offer customized programs designed with your needs and budget in mind.

         "Play will be to the 21st century what work was to the last 300 years of industrial society, 
               - our dominant way of knowing, doing and creating value."
- Pat Kane, author of The Play Ethic

"The basic resource in any company is the people."

- Gary S. Becker, Nobel Prize winning economist. (coined the term "Human Capital")

"We're not in the coffee business serving people, we're in the people business serving coffee"  - Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks

"Facilitating Healthy Rhythms"




                               "The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct."- Carl Jung

"Music is given to us with the sole purpose of establishing an order in things, including, and particularly, the

coordination between man and time."  - Igor Stravinsky

In life and lifestyle, we can spend a third or more of it at work, a fact that is easily overlooked. This should remind us that the healthier the work environment, the healthier the people, the healthier the business.

Organizational Psychology shows that successful companies consider their human capital (human resources) as their most important asset. Human Capital is not viewing people as nameless cogs in an organization to be exploited, but that people are the most valuable asset of an organization, and assets require maintenance and investment as they are a critical part of the productive capacity of the organization.

Organizational Behaviour in business is recognizing and teaching the importance of the
Triple Bottom Line,  - the people, - the planet, - and the profit.