The study of groups of people is sociology, anthropology and demography. Nobel prize winner 
Gary S. Becker's work helps our understanding and offers solutions to healthier community.

Recreational Music Making Modulates the Human Stress Response. A
ground breaking study published in the Medical Science Monitor showing for the first time that playing a musical instrument can reverse multiple components of the human stress response on the genomic level.

Strengthens the Immune System. A study involving a diverse group of 111 randomly selected people showed that group drumming activities boosted the immune system and reduced stress levels.

Recreational Music Making: A cost-effective group interdisciplinary strategy for
reducing burnout and improving mood states in long-term care workers with huge projected economic benefits for the industry.

Healing Power of the Drum is an authoritative book that shows how everyone can achieve health benefits from the popular activity of hand drumming. It raises awareness of how the hand drum can be used to attain psychological, physiological and spiritual well-being.

"Facilitating Healthy Rhythms"

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."  - George Bernard Shaw

RhythmWellness immerses people in an interactive, creative group process that connects and synergizes, leaving temporary   divisions   behind. 

Group Drumming and Recreational Music Making is an incredible unifying  activity  that  brings  the best  out  in  people.

RhythmWellness offers innovative solutions to  many  modern and common challenges.


RhythmWellness contributes  to the healthy maintenance and development of culture and community because it involves participatory rhythm and drumming.

Everyone can play because it requires no training to create exuberant and expressive sounds, plus it's Fun!




"Recreatio" means to restore health.
RhythmWellness is a form of Recreational Music Making that removes the challenging learning curve by using accessible percussion instruments, creating a fulfilling experience for everyone. 

One of rhythm's greatest gifts is its age-old ability to flow across many boundaries, fostering unity, connectedness, healthy diversity, understanding and appreciation.  

Rhythm Resource;

Why is rhythm so important?

RhythmWellness Group Synergy

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"Facilitating Healthy Rhythms"

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."

- Abraham Maslo

RhythmWellness offers innovative solutions to many modern and common challenges.

Billy Knutson started in the health and fitness industry 30 years ago and founded Functional Fysical Fitness inc, a Total Wellness Company in 1998. He combines a wide variety of studies and experience aimed at the integration of the whole person and community. He is a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Drum Circle Facilitator. 
Billy discovered the power of group rhythm and drumming in 2005 and since that time has immersed himself in variety of musical and drumming studies, for the individual and groups. He has completed Remo’s renown Health Rhythms program, and the certification program with Village Music Circles, as well as studies with professional drummers from West Africa, Uruguay and Cuba.    
He combines all his experience and enthusiasm for health and wellness to the RhythmWellness business and all the Playshops.